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spinach in salad spinner on rock and to left side some grass both brown and some green as it is in early spring.

There are great spinach recipes that are made by sautéing spinach in a little olive oil, adding a dash of vinegar, and maybe some bread crumbs, and more. Here is one with potato chips added.

1 ONION: Sauté a white onion first, until clear, slightly carmelized, and then add A FULL PILE OF (rinsed) FRESH SPINACH until it starts to wilt – and immediately add a T (tablespoon) or 2 or more of WHITE WINE VINEGAR. *** After a few seconds, remove from frying pan before overly cooked (it will continue to cook down a bit more, even off the heat, and it is preferable that the leaves retain enough ). Take a few crispy crushed SALT AND VINEGAR POTATO CHIPS and stir in, then add some over the top, and serve immediately. Really, it is good.

*** – EDIT -*** – Perhaps the vinegar should be added immediately, before cooking, to help the leaves maintain some structure – its pleasant to see the leaves. But then, it might evaporate too much. Delicate timing perhaps.
According to B. Srilakshmi in the book Food Science, on page 182, pectin is an “intercellular cementing material” in cellulose and hemicellulose, and acid (vinegar is an acid), calcium chloride (a preservative – “a natural product of brine”- also road salts – but do not use from the roads – and calcium hydroxide (slaked lime) – (conversely, sodium bicarbonate [baking soda], disintegrates the cellulose and hemicellulose) – still see page 182 of that book. Find it at

White Wine Vinegar flavored with Herbs: (No Recipe Yet).

Take a mushroom that is shaped like a cap, with a stem, and has adequate firmness. (If picking the mushroom, please know your mushrooms). Cut the very end off the stem, if older. Rinse caps (if prefer to).  Take off the stem, chop, maybe save a little for your fur-child, or a garden snail.  
The rest, sauté lightly, and add to leftover spinach.  Flip caps onto a baking sheet which perhaps has some parchment paper on it.  Put spinach mixture into caps.  Sprinkle with a combination of crushed salt and vinegar potato chips and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.  Bake at 375 for 5 minutes, then at 350 for 15 minutes (MAYBE – UNTESTED – monitor in oven, maybe add pepper(s) to taste!)

IS THIS RECIPE FOR DOGS? NO. For DOGS, chop up some stems, and tear up a bit of a few spinach leaves, if it balances the rest of their food, and, for example, add to a bit of (possibly leftover) plain steamed or boiled rice or barley, that also will be part of a canine snack or meal. (Put in stems first to cook, as they will take a bit longer to become tender/cooked). No onions for dogs. No wine for dogs. A teaspoon of vinegar is good. A couple potato chips made of ingredients OK for dogs – potatoes, oil, vinegar, and salt,for example should be fine – so definitely check the ingredients on the package of chips.

Note: I am not a canine nutritionist, and these suggestions are not balanced meals – only ingredient suggestions towards making a balanced meal. Ingredients that might be normally healthy, are not be healthy for every dog, depending on their health. For example, Spinach is high in Magnesium, generally healthy, but not for all conditions.