Sketching ingredients in their communities (guilds and neighborhoods).

This was originally written as a post on April 14, 2019:
I am hoping to accompany many recipes with a visual and written sketch. The sketch will be a look at one or more ingredient’s origins – a look at them with their companions and communities, and in their environment, before becoming an “ingredient”.

A sketch like this requires a leap of thought – traversing, from viewing an ingredient that gives life, to a being that is alive; traversing from something known for how it reaches human senses, to getting to know a plant or animal for their own sensibilities and senses.

An approach to sketching, is to consider guild and human sensibilities – vision and visibility, scents, sounds, touch, internal balance, and sense of well-being and health. Another approach might be to go very small, and think of the sum and balance of many parts – of chemistries.