Pines, birches, maples, food, and the immune system

This is a poem list of some of the ways the immune system is communicated and conceived, made after watching the #8 presentations on cancer in the “Renewal” series – a series I appreciate.

The immune system.
•It is said sometimes that it wages war, on multiplying cells in the wrong,
( time? place?) in an environment of good and bad cells and tissues.
And that the immune system might kill in error(?) healthy cells (that should want to live) causing “autoimmune”
•(Instead of waging war(?)) It is sometimes said that the immune system (diplomatically?) convinces rogue cells
[which have overridden their programming, (who do not want to die?)], to die.
•(Instead of negotiating(?)) It is sometimes said that the immune system helps the stem cells understand it is their time (and place?) to pass, and so they choose to pass – whatever that means for a cell,
in a cellular environment.
•(Instead of counseling(?)) It is sometimes said (Mathematical, Physical, Chemical SYMBOLS HERE – symbols together – balances and imbalances).
•(Instead of equations rebalanced(?)) it is sometimes said (? ) there is a body, with an outer environment and an inner environment, the environments akin to each other – cold,stagnation, heat, flow.
Birch trees. Chaga outdoors. Chaga in the body. Pine trees outdoors. Pine tree in the body. Mycelium (outside, inside). Moths outside (what else inside). Maples outdoors. Maple’s sweet water (boiled down), inside the body.
Foods fortify – adding weaponry to the immune system,
build resilience,
strengthen (its numbers?),
teach – educating the immune system,
They are served hot or cold.
More symbols here.
Are hot or cold.
Do food components, entities outside, entities inside, (tiny, tinier) also provide (a cell) some companionship and friendship?

And say, is the immune system [being attacked, being convinced, being back-talked, asked, consulted, being(s) balanced, beings in love]?
Multi-axial-lingual-cultural-dimensional? Multiaxiallingualculturaldimensional (which ends in ion-al.) ion-al?

And by the way, after the cool of warm rain on a cool warm morning, slugs and red efts can get to where they need to be above the duff, in the sun.
Of symbiosis,

In my last post – “Sweet Pine Tips”, I summarized a bit on Chaga in the environment around us, and chaga in the environment in us. The presenters on Chaga were principally those noted, however, the presenters in #8 also included much appreciated thoughts from Ellen Kamhi, Dr. Tieraona Low Dog, Dr. Jake Paul Fratkin, and Dr. Christine Cannon (thank you Dr. Cannon especially for explaining lipomas and tumors), and to be certain of proper attributions, I should re-watch the video. The beauty of the video, is that it brings many ideas together, from varying perspectives – even some somewhat opposite perspectives – thank you.