Into recipes (and out in garden, forest, edge, and field)

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INTO RECIPES, OUT TO COMMUNITIES; Ingredients within Communities of Flora and Fauna; Ingredients into Recipes, Recipes towards Communities.

Sketching ingredients in their guilds and communities.

I am hoping to accompany every recipe with a visual and written sketch. The sketch will be a look at one or more ingredient’s origins – a look at them in their guilds and communities before becoming an “ingredient”.

A sketch like this requires a leap of thought – traversing, from viewing an ingredient that gives life, to a being that is alive; traversing from something known for how it reaches human senses, to getting to know a plant or animal for their own sensibilities and senses.

An approach to sketching, is to consider guild and human sensibilities – vision and visibility, scents, sounds, touch, internal balance, and sense of well-being and health. Another approach might be to go very small, and think of the sum and balance of many parts – of chemistries.

When just beginning this blog, and thinking about recipes, and the inter-connectedness of communities of flora and fauna, and how plants and animals grow together, I wrote this poem:

Might song-birds prefer certain sounds and sun-patterns?
Do plants prefer certain songbirds gather and make song?

The sound of these trees when they blow in the wind, and the songs of those insects also make them happy.(?).

(Wingbeats of birds, distributing exhaled molecules)
Making. Gathering. Gatherings.

Might insects

(Busy as a bee)
Tending. Gathering. Gatherings.

Path-songs. Place songs. Song paths.
Places of sound, light, rhythm.
Theirs-Ours. Come-go. In-Out.

Do they name?
(their music, our music, music).

Do you hear the courting mouse’s song? He is in the garden,
at woods’ edge sharing his song – light,
like a birdsong in the dark.

(Song Light, written by Sarah Sniffen, March 24-25, 2019. Inspired in part by a painting about motion, sound, and grasshoppers, a passage from a book about birds in and out of cities,and their abundance, a raspberry (with its green worm), an assignment to write about a painting, the Melody Composer script on Google from a couple days ago – which by the way, was seriously fun…)

Walking, and looking at trees, breathing in and out, one also wonders how fast Carbon Dioxide spreads (googling, perhaps CO2 can clump). Do birds bathe leaves with this chemical species? (March 25th).