CABBAGE, CARROT-TOP, TURMERIC DYE BATHS and a look at the EGGS in the dye baths.

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eggs after they were dyed

The eggs were in the dye baths a while to get good color. After letting them sit about a half hour to hour in their red cabbage, or carrot top, or turmeric dye baths (prepared by Judy), the eggs in the baths were put into the refrigerator, and left for another couple hours.
(Before putting the eggs still in the dye bath containers into the refrigerator, one egg was in the bath maybe 45 minutes, then half pulled out of the bath with a spoon, to get an egg with both a more translucent and less translucent side – not exactly lighter and darker – sort of – really just one that was much more intense in color, where the beige of the egg showed through less.)
The carrot top egg was also overdyed by placing it in a shallow red-cabbage dye bath.

After dying, they were put around a ham, that had some chutney on it – and that pulled some of the color off the eggs where it touched – especially from the carrot-top colored egg – that was very fragile it seems. This “problem” has a lot of art/craft potential for egg decorating, with hardier colors, such as the cabbage blue!