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One of the finest summer desserts is excellent as grown on the tree. Once upon a time, so many years ago, I was offered a clear glass cup on a pedestal of cherries very much like the one in this photograph. A fine unforgettable dessert – presentation is part of it – the glass, cool to the touch, beautiful, reflecting the cherries, which themselves shine.

The wild cherry tree in the photograph is still growing its fruit before ripening – but the fruit of this particular tree will not grow much larger. Wild cherry tastes very like cherry, a little less sweet, but still offering much taste and benefit to the ones who eat a few – whether birds, or mammals (including humans), or – hmm – do amphibians enjoy the drupes of a cherry tree as well, once they drop?

For canines? Absolutely – the flesh around the pit is good for them as well, and also eaten by some of the animals canines might prey up in the wild, such as the grouse. Actually, many birds and mammals just swallow the pits, and they pass out the other side – and that is also what a dog might do. However, just in case they try to chew them like dog food, avoid feeding the pits as food (and maybe learn a little more about the health concerns and perhaps benefits of pits).