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In spring, herbs start appearing that are good for making chicken stock with, though, the ones in the pot, are from the grocery store. The great carrots, local, and sweet. The chicken, free range – good to use all of it, including the carcass.

The below recipe, is hardly a recipe. Broth can be quite simple, and added to later. The important thing is to use the chicken carcass, and not stress to much about getting a perfect broth. Though, the tastier the broth, sometimes, the tastier the soup.

Chicken carcass
Herbs (this one, dry savory, fresh parsley, fresh thyme)
Salt and Pepper

Large pot

(If use onions, saute in a little butter, olive oil, or other fat.)

Add the remaining ingredients and let simmer several hours. Strain through fine sieve or strainer.

Meat can be added back in, if you would like to, or carrots, but often cooks use fresh meat and vegetables for a fresh soup. One can though, and it is still good soup, and economical also. Great with a grilled cheese sandwich, for example. If any remaining chicken is added back into the stock/soup, be so careful when sorting, so to not get any tiny bones into the soup.

Once cool, the fat can be skimmed, and the broth, (if if it has become the beginnings of a soup, the soup) can be frozen.

Thats about it. If you use onions or garlic, or other herbs and spices not good for canines, do not feed to your dog. If it is simple, such as the above, your dog will be very happy to have some.