Growing a few vegetables

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growing seedlings in eggshells

Thank goodness for great farms and farmers with excellent fresh vegetables and fruit.

In a few small garden patches, I’ve planted a few vegetables. Hopefully at the end of the summer, some of the plants might have lived a healthy summer, and so in addition to enjoying the produce from local farms, we will have a little produce in the garden as well to cook with.

The larger joy, is understanding a little more about plants, seeing them begin to grow and push their seeds up through the soil, leaves opening, growing taller, and taking form.

Below, seedlings begun in eggshells, need to be “hatched” and repotted. There are some cucumbers, squash, and pumpkins growing. They were repotted, and have already reached a point of needing once more yet to be repotted, or placed in the Earth – though, for some, the Farmer’s Almanac suggest June 21st for that. As they grow, I will share a few more pictures.

As for dogs, they likes the occasional bite of soil (so careful of the seedlings), and are sure to like and have their diet improved by many vegetables.